Swipe to login replaces passwords

on your PC/Mac

  • Easy Login
  • Two-factor security
  • Unique access key

Log in on your phone

Of course, heylogin also works on your smartphone without a PC/Mac. All your logins are automatically synchronized and available everywhere. heylogin works with Autofill on Android and iOS.

Only you control your logins

The device list allows you to control what PC or Mac currently has access to your logins. You can enable or disable access at any time using the slider.

Only your phone can open the login vault

Your logins are encrypted end-to-end and stored in a vault. Only your smartphone can open your vault. For this purpose, we use the security chip that is secured via Face ID or Touch ID on iOS. On Android, heylogin's security is based on the lock screen, which you can secure with a fingerprint or PIN.