How easy it is to set up heylogin for your company

Organisation creation, made quickly. 

With heylogin, you can create your organisation, with only a few clicks. Once created, you can then simply send an invite to your employees. 

Need to make a change? 

Well with heylogin, we make this process as effortless as possible. 

You still use Excel for your password management or are considering switching from another manager? Thanks to our import function, you can easily transfer your passwords. We support more than 15 import formats. You can find a complete overview in our Help Centre.

Want a more organized corporate structure?

Well with heylogin you can! You can create a relevant team for each department. 

With our team function, you can not only easily share passwords, but also sort your company accesses more easily. This way, you and your employees can keep track of everything.