The fastest onboarding & offboarding of employees

Easy onboarding

Invite employees simply by email

Your IT onboarding has never been so simple. Create a new employee in heylogin, send an invitation email and you're done. This way your new employee is not only immediatly in the system, but also has all the logins they need.

When you go seperate ways

Quickly & securely revoke login access from ex-employees.

You are afraid that the ex-employee will take your passwords with them? Thanks to heylogin you keep control. With a few clicks you can revoke a team member's complete access to your heylogin data.

Better integration

Transfer employees directly from Microsoft Azure to heylogin

Are you using Microsoft Azure in your company? Then the step to heylogin is very simple. Not only can Azure be easily integrated into heylogin, you can also link your Azure users directly.