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  • No more typing and remembering passwords
  • No more issuing and resetting passwords
  • More control over your business logins
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The complete solution for your passwords

Logging in
Manage logins
Stay in control

Control business logins easily and securely

Control access instead of giving out passwords

Control access instead of giving out passwords

Stay in control of your business logins. Easily manage access permissions via the heylogin app.

No IT skills required

No IT skills required

heylogin can be used without IT knowledge and works with all websites and apps without any integration costs.

GDPR- & ISO-27001-compliant storage

GDPR- & ISO-27001-compliant storage

The security of your data is our main goal. They are therefore stored end-to-end encrypted. Only your connected devices can use the data.

Provide logins for employees easily and securely

New employees in your team or login details have changed again? With our login teams, you can give or withdraw your employees' access to relevant logins – synchronized in real-time and without having to give out passwords.

Always in view of who has access to your logins and when

Are you unsure whether ex-employees or temporary project participants have access to internal or external accounts? As a team admin, you can add or remove team members at any time, so you don't have to give out a single password.

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Secure exchange
of customer passwords

Do you manage accounts of your customers or do they have to share their passwords with your team? With, your customers can send you their passwords fast and easy. They will never have to send them via email again.

Use of supplier portals and single license software

Do you use an account for your office purchases, which employees also need to usw, but don’t always want to give out the password for it? With heylogin you only provide access instead handing out the password.

Our advantages, your profit

Do not give out passwords

Automatic compliance with policies

Full login control

Compliance with the EU GDPR

75% time savings on logging in

Secure 2-factor login

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Get to know heylogin! Our expert will demonstrate the features and usage of our software for 30 minutes and will analyze possible requirements of your company.

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Dr. Dominik Schürmann, CEO
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