heylogin will always be free

Our free plan includes everything required for your typical day-to-day usage of heylogin. If you like to use more than one phone for logging into your websites or like to share logins with others, consider upgrading to our premium plan.


Unlimited logins on all your websites



Sharing and additional login phones

EUR 4.99 /user /month

Unlimited logins and storage
Unlimited devices and browsers
Browsers on your laptop and other devices
1-click-login on all websites
Available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge
Two factor security
Apps for iOS and Android
Full recovery
In case of a lost or stolen phone
Auto save
Automatic login creation
Login phone
Confirm logins on your phone
Additional login phones
Confirm logins on unlimited phones/tablets
Login sharing
Share logins with your friends or team
Beta version

Here we go!

The first beta version goes to a selected group of users! We want to test heylogin and prepare everything for a public launch.

You don’t want to wait? We are inviting all users one by one, so leave your email below and let us know when it starts.

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