Maximum security without entering a TOTP code:
automated 2FA!

2-factor without stress: simpleTOTP automation with heylogin
One click and you are logged in, stress-free and still completely 2-factor secure: Thanks to the simplest setup and automatic TOTP entry, typing is no longer necessary. So you can easily activate 2-factor for your important accounts, heylogin does the work for you.

Quick set-up: QR code
recognition with overlay

Not only the login with TOTP code is quick and easy. heylogin automatically recognises QR codes for your TOTP generation, you can transfer the information to your login with one click via overlay. The generated code is then immediately ready for login.

Simply secure: Automatically enter
TOTP codes with just one click

With our login mask, you can also log in more quickly with TOTP. Our algorithm recognises the field for the 6-digit code and automatically fills it with the current PIN. No more typing from your smartphone, of course secure thanks to hardware encryption.