More security with login devices

Hardware security instead
of master password

Professional protection thanks to security chip
Individual device selection for your comfort
Replaces all passwords in your daily work routine

heylogin supports


Security Key

Touch ID / Windows Hello


Confirm with your smartphone

2-factor replaces the password

Our Swipe to Login replaces the classic master password at heylogin. Our solution is 2-factor secure by design and supports biometrics as well as PIN. This means you no longer have to remember passwords and can still log in to all your accounts without any problems.

Confirm with your Security Key

The alternative to the smartphone

For those who do not want to rely solely on their smartphone for security, we also support security keys from various manufacturers. Whether as an additional unlocking method next to the smartphone or as a stand-alone device for corporate customers, the security key keeps security in your hands.

Confirm with Touch ID / Windows Hello

Even easier login on your end devices

Thanks to Windows Hello and Apple Touch ID, you can now log in even faster. Whether fingerprint or facial recognition, thanks to biometric Unlock you can log in to your end device at any time, even without a smartphone or security key.

Confirm with your Smartwatch

The perfect combination of fast unlock and convenience

With a smartwatch, you wear the fastest and easiest unlock directly on your wrist. Simply connect it to your smartphone and enjoy.