Full control over your passwords

You decide who gets access

Prevent password access instead of changing passwords
Apply and change access permissions easily
Track login changes thanks to Activity Log

Our 4 authorization levels

Organisations admin
As an Org Admin you can create teams, manage logins and set access rights for your employees. Speaking of employees, you can not only invite new employees to your organization, you also have tools for onboarding and restoring employee accounts.

Team admin
Users can add new members for teams and have full access to the logins stored there.

Write access
Users can use and change logins.

Read access
Users can use logins. They can not view passwords or change login data.

For short project durations:

Access given to interns, without visible passwords.

With our "Login only" authorization, you can grant access to relevant logins to employees, interns or freelancers who only work for you for a short period of time, without issuing a visible password.

For more transparency:

Keep track of what ex-employees had access to.

All info at a glance. With our Activity Log you get an exact data overview of all activities in your heylogin organization. That way you are informed about all changes and can act immediately in case of trust abuse.