Maintain an overview in your company

All changes always in view
The risk of accidental changes to company-relevant logins increases with the size of the company. The integration of an audit log makes it possible to retrospectively check the user actions performed. This measure improves security-relevant monitoring and, in an emergency, enables the relevant changes to be efficiently reversed.

What data we collect for you

Who had access?

When did who have access?

What has been done?

Which login was it?

We attach great importance to this

Our audit log is data protection compliant

Our audit log is 100% data protection compliant and only logs what is absolutely necessary from your employees. This precise logging ensures that the integrity of the data is maintained while adhering to the highest data protection standards.

Strict separation

No access to private accounts

The logging of the audit log is strictly separated from private accounts to ensure a clear demarcation. This ensures that monitoring and logging only concerns activities relevant to the company. This targeted separation protects the confidentiality of private accounts and at the same time ensures precise monitoring of business-critical processes.