heylogin vs LastPass

When it comes to your company passwords, security is important. The following comparison between the leading password managers shows you which password manager best suits your company.

The 3 most important factors that distinguish heylogin from LastPass:

Hosted and secured in Germany
Transparent and simple usability
2-factor secure and GDPR-compliant

Which password manager suits your company best?


  1. Provides audited security made in Germany
  2. The clear and simple structure offers an appealing login experience
  3. No employee knows a password or has to remember it
  4. Every login is a swipe
  5. Access can be provided or revoked with one click


  1. Large password manager worldwide
  2. Creates long, random passwords that offer good protection against hacker attacks
  3. Each employee only knows his or her master password
  4. Darkweb monitoring function
  5. LastPass notifies you when your data is threatened

The key differences: smart comparison

Login experience
No Master Password
Login experience
With heylogin you have NOTHING to remember
Login experience
Master Password
Login in clicks
1 click & 1 swipe
Login in clicks
With heylogin you need to enter NOTHING
Login in clicks
Lots of clicking and typing
Data protection
No specification of personal data when creating an organization
Data Protection
Protection of all personal data
Data protection
All company data required before downloading the app
Quality made in Germany
Set up
Set up in up to 5 minutes
Set Up
With heylogin, you save valuable time when setting up or switching
Set up
Set up in up to 10 minutes
1-click login
With heylogin you save 3 hours per month per user
1-click login
Trial version
1 month free trial
Trial version
Test twice as long with heylogin
Trial version
14 days free trial

The Login Experience - valuable daily time savings

If you and your employees want to save not only nerves but relevant time every day with every login experience, then heylogin will bring you to around
30 working hours per employee per year.



Sharing logins - Save additional fixed costs.

Save even more by allowing your company to share high fixed costs of access to software licences and web portals within the team. Instead of maintaining Excel spreadsheets, you can simply share logins with your team via drag & drop and manage them together. heylogin automatically synchronises password changes between all employees.



Add employees - quick and easy onboarding.

With heylogin, you can give new employees access to relevant logins with just a few clicks. Not only are your employees immediately ready for action, but you also save valuable time! Relieve your IT administration and replace printed passwords with heylogin.



Access control - Always keep an overview.

Times and accesses change quickly these days. Decide how quickly you want to release employees for passwords and also remove them again. Design your work processes efficiently, especially if you have a high turnover or freelancer rate.



Loved by teams from all industries


What users say


Love this product! Love the functionality especially being able to share passwords.
Senior Account Manager, Canada


I am in love with this App. At first I did not trust it, 2 days after installing it I can't live without it.
Government Administrator, Spain


I just switched from LastPass after they reduced the free plan... this thing works much better and it's from a German startup.

Apple App Store

Why heylogin for your company?
Because we are your complete solution

Convince yourself of heylogin as an alternative to LastPass.

1. heylogin is security made in Germany

With heylogin, your passwords are stored securely and not somewhere in the world, but in Germany.We guarantee you secure and strong passwords and the best protection against hackers - that's why all our ISO 27001 certified servers are located in Germany. The heylogin productive environment is located in Nuremberg, the standby server in Falkenstein. Backups are stored separately in Frankfurt. All data centres used are ISO-27001 certified.The systems are monitored every minute by a monitoring system. There is always someone on standby to intervene in case of anomalies.heylogin GmbH attaches great importance to sustainability. Our hosting providers operate their data centres 100% with electricity from renewable sources.

2. No Master Password

We know how difficult it is to constantly think up new passwords. This includes annoying master passwords that are also insecure.heylogin automatically creates strong and secure passwords that no one has to remember and that can be shared with the team with just one click. There is guaranteed to be no master password. So from now on you don't have to remember anything and you are even more secure than before.Why is Swipe-to-Login more secure? Because when you use a password, you are prompted to confirm once on your smartphone instead of typing in a master password. This means the security chip on your phone is used, making the process 2-factor secure from the start. So heylogin's Swipe-to-Login is not only a user-friendly login process, but actually uses end-to-end encryption from the smartphone to the browser to make passwords available and you and your business more secure.

3. Encryption based on latest standards

The confidentiality of the stored data is ensured with end-to-end encryption. XSalsa20 is used as the symmetrical algorithm. The integrity of the stored data is ensured by Poly1305 and thus protected against modification. Curve25519 is used as the asymmetric encryption.heylogin uses the security chip embedded in the smartphone hardware for cryptographic operations.

4. GDPR-compliant

heylogin GmbH and the product heylogin comply with the legal requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). At the same time, the use of heylogin can help your company to meet requirements of certifications such as ISO 27001 and TISAX.When using our software and the associated information, we always take care to collect as little data as possible (data minimisation) and to process all necessary data in accordance with the DSGVO.When selecting subcontracted processors, we make sure that data protection is our top priority. We only use providers from Europe who meet all regulatory requirements.

Legacy password managers require users to remember and regularly enter a Master Password. This Master Password is used to encrypt and decrypt all storedprivate information, such as usernames and passwords. A Master Password must be complex and kept private, as it is the single secret to all information. There are several problems associated with this cryptographic design:

• 1-factor Security: While many password managers allow the setup of another factor, such as TOTP, U2F or FIDO2/WebAuthn, this is not done by most users. Furthermore, this second factor is not used for end-to-end encryption, but only an additional authentication via the provider's infrastructure. Exceptions are password managers with native smartcards that implement actual encryption using OpenPGP, PIV or FIDO2 hmac-secret.

• Offline Attacks: The Master Password, as a factor of knowledge, cannot be protected against brute force attacks as soon as they are performed offline. When a password vault is stolen or a data leak occurs at the large commercial password managers, the encrypted vaults can be attacked “offline”, i.e., there is no interactive protocol involved that rate-limits retries. A brute force attack or dictionary attack is only slowed down by the vault's Password-based Key Derivation Function (PBKDF). However, this never achieves the protection of a Hardware Security Module (HSM) since PBKDFs only slow down the brute forc attack, but can never limit the number of tries like a HSM could.

• Usability: Studies show that not all users are able to generate and remember a sufficiently secure Master Password. In a study by Pearman et al [1], participants reused a different password as their Master Password or had it generated on a website. The participants involved had no technological training. So, especially for people who are not IT experts, using a password manager with a Master Password can actually reduce their security to a single point of failure.

• Time Required: Depending on the implementation and the security policies used, the Master Password must be retyped regularly by the user in order to temporarily decrypt the vault. We assume about 3 hours / month / user, which are spent for the regular typing of the Master Password and the password management.

The use of a legacy password manager is thus mainly associated with annoyances that go beyond the normal conflict between security and userfriendliness. Existing solutions cannot easily change their security architecture because basic user flows and user expectations go hand in hand with the Master Password.

heylogin vs competition

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