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"Mozilla Venture's first three investments have now been announced. They are these startups: heylogin - heylogin is a one-click password management solution for businesses. Primarily targeting small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), heylogin charges per user and allows businesses to manage both shared passwords and individual accounts."
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Heylogin: Password manager without master password in the test

A master password for password databases is often cumbersome to remember. A manager from Germany wants to replace it with a swipe on his mobile phone. - IT-News für Profis

Password manager protection with passkeys makes no sense

Heylogin can also be used via add-ons in the common browsers on the desktop - i.e. Chrome, Edge, Safari or Firefox. Here, users have to scan a QR code with their smartphone during setup, which establishes an end-to-end encrypted connection between the smartphone and the browser on the desktop. This is only necessary for initial pairing and only needs to be done once.

Heylogin: Password manager without password

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The password manager that works without a password

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Do you really want to get rid of passwords, Dominik Schürmann?

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Secure access without complex passwords

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Marvin Jahnke

About heylogin

heylogin is the idea of Dr. Dominik Schürmann and Vincent Breitmoser. The goal of the founders was one thing above all: to make IT security as simple and as secure as possible. During their time in the academic world they dealt with encryption technology. As security consultants they got to know the truth on the user side - bad passwords on Post-Its and in Excel spreadsheets, no control by decision makers, every employee was unintentionally responsible for IT security. Bad passwords were and still are the main problem. heylogin solves this problem by means of hardware encryption via smartphone.

About our software

heylogin simplifies the work by replacing the password with a swipe on the smartphone. After unlocking once, an employee can then log in to any website with just one click. This saves about 3 hours of work time per employee per month. At the same time, teamwork is also simplified; logins can be shared via drag & drop, while various access rights protect against misuse. On- and offboarding is also much easier for admins and decision makers - new profiles can be prepared before the start of work and released directly for the new person, departing employees can have their complete access revoked with one click.


This concept is already used by over 900 organizations on a daily basis. heylogin is developed in Germany and hosted on German servers. In the summer, heylogin was able to convince Mozilla Ventures, among other investors, of its vision of a password-free future and thus successfully closed its pre-seed financing round with €900,000. All employees are working every day to eliminate passwords for even more companies.

900 organizations
heylogin now serves more than 900 organizations around the world.

900k € pre-seed
heylogin has closed a €900k pre-seed round with participation from Mozilla and leading business angels.

Made and hosted in Germany
heylogin is developed by heylogin GmbH in Germany and hosted on servers in Germany. 10 employees work daily to eliminate passwords.

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