Easily share login access with employees

Assign logins via drag & drop
in your team

Manage logins flexibly in your team, no matter from where
Secure sharing thanks to end-to-end encryption
Synchronization of your data in real time

The faster accounting:

Easily share logins for Lexoffice and Sevdesk

You use a software for your accounting, but you are not the only one using it in your team? With heylogin you can easily share the account and save time and money.

For better processes:

Manage your clients' social media accounts securely as a team.

Sharing login data has never been easier. Customer logins can be instantly assigned to the responsible team with heylogin. And thanks to our modern end-to-end encryption, the shared data is always protected.

For a better overview:

110 marketing accounts. 1 login.

Working in a team requires many different software tools, but accounts for all employees cost a lot of money. With heylogin, a single account grants access to the whole team. No matter if it's Pipedrive, Sevdesk or any other webservice, heylogin saves you money and trouble.

For secure transmissions:

Get your client logins the smart way

How did you get customer passwords so far, by letter, email or Whatsapp? Now you can easily transfer passwords with heylogin. Simply send a personalized link and the client can transfer his data directly to you, securely encrypted with modern algorithms.