The fastest onboarding & offboarding of employees

Simple onboarding

Simply transfer existing employee databases to heylogin

Whether Azure Active Directory, Google Workspace or CSV: with our simple integrations, you can easily transfer your employees into your heylogin organisation. This keeps the effort for you low and your employees can get started immediately.

Our Integrations

Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure
Google Workspace


Transfer employees directly from Microsoft Azure or Google Workspace to heylogin

Do you use cloud solutions such as Microsoft Azure or Google Workspace in your company? Thanks to our integration options, you can easily link your existing users with heylogin and save a lot of work.

Invite employees simply by e-mail

No integration? No problem

Of course, you can also add new employees without cloud integration. Simply invite the new user via email and he or she becomes part of your organisation. Our start code ensures security.

When paths part

Quickly & securely revoke login access from ex-employees.

Not sure if the ex-employee keeps passwords from you? Thanks to heylogin, you have full control. With just a few clicks, you can revoke a team member's complete access to your credentials.

Need to make a change?

Well with heylogin, we make this process as effortless as possible.

You still use Excel for your password management or are considering switching from another manager? Thanks to our import function, you can easily transfer your passwords. We support more than 15 import formats. You can find a complete overview in our Help Centre.