New: swipe to login

  • No more password resets
  • No more typing in passwords
  • No more hacked accounts
Available in your browser
Available in your browser
Swipe to login

Your phone
is your login

Use your phone for everyday logins. PIN, Face ID, Touch ID - you have full control.
Just one swipe

No typin',
just login

No username. No password. Blazing fast.
Your login

When and where ever
you need it

All your logins. Even the one you forgot about years ago.

Frequently Asked Questions

No worries - your logins stay secure and nobody can access them.
Do you have heylogin installed on your old phone? Then you can transfer your accounts from your old phone. Of course you can also add them in the heylogin app in your browser and on your phone. In any case, all sites offer you the option to reset your password - which you can enter to heylogin.
heylogin frees you of your passwords. That does not mean your login is insecure. You are protected by 2-factor-authentication. The first factor is your phone. You decide, whether you unlock it with your fingerprint, your face or your PIN - just like you do everyday. Your accounts are also secured by 2 factors: Your phone, something you own, your fingerprint or face, something you are, or your PIN, something you know.
Your logins are sensitive information. Of course you don’t want anyone to have access. Especially no-one with malicious intent. That’s why we encrypt your data with state of the art techniques. All your logins are encrypted by your phone and stored in Germany. Every time your data is used, we decrypt only the parts necessary. Whenever a request is sent, this request is encrypted as well - a technique called end-to-end-encryption. Nobody can look at your data, not even us. To summarize, we make sure you can use your logins where you need them, but we can’t see them. In the end only you can see your data.
Yes. Just go to in your mobile browser.
Sure. We support Chrome and Firefox.
Beta version

Here we go!

The first beta version goes to a selected group of users! We want to test heylogin and prepare everything for a public launch.

You don’t want to wait? We are inviting all users one by one, so leave your email below and let us know when it starts.

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