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  • No more password resets
  • No more typing in passwords
  • No more hacked accounts
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Confirm it with your phone

Confirm it with your phone

Heylogin works on your phone, fast and easy. Only you can confirm logins. You are logged in securely and protected against password theft.
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No username. No password. Blazing fast.
All websites and apps

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All your logins. Even the one you forgot about years ago.

Logins never travel unencrypted

In fact, they are encrypted in three different ways.
Your logins are private
All your data is encrypted as one vault. So even the server operators of heylogin.app cannot inspect your data. We don't even know how many logins you have.
Secure chip in your phone
Your logins are end-to-end encrypted with a secret key that is stored within the secure chip on your phone. When you swipe to log in, this key is used to decrypt your logins.
Log in more securely
All data between your browser extension and your phone is encrypted with a shared secret. This is why you have to enter a PIN on first setup.
The best password manager
„Heylogin is the ideal password manager for all my devices. Whether on Windows or on Mac, heylogin works across system boundaries and it is super easy to use. Finally no more passwords!“
Germany, 24 Feb 2021
Super quick and easy!
„Just switched over from LastPass, import from LastPass and go. I gotta say, this thing snaps way more smoothly than LastPass and in addition to that it's from a German startup! Can't think of anything better :) Keep it up!“
App Store (Germany), 18 Feb 2021
The solution for the login process
„Initially I was skeptical, but now I don't want to be without this app anymore. It simplifies all the logins and presents trustworthy security. 🥳 Thank you for this app! 😇“
App Store (Germany), 5 Jan 2021
„Works as advertised, simple 1-click-login with your smartphone. Awesome!“
Play Store (Germany), 17 Feb 2021
Uncomplicated Login
„Since I have many accounts on various plattforms, I'm dependent on a password manager. I use heylogin, because it offers a fast and uncomplicated login process. The amazing support and German data center convinced me as well.“
Martin Appelmann
Trafo Hub (Germany), 03 Mar 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

heylogin works on every website. We support Chrome, Firefox, Edge as well as Android and iOS.
Your passwords are stored end-to-end encrypted on our servers. That means they are gibberish to anybody but you. Nobody, not even us, can use or see them.
The encryption key that is necessary to access your passwords is burried within the security chip of your phone. To decrypt data, you must unlock your phone like you always do, e.g. with your fingerprint. Only then, the encrypted data is sent to your phone and decrypted deep inside the security chip. It is physically impossible for the key to leave your phone and for anyone to steal it.
Our high security data center is hidden in a secret location underground, guarded by heavy steel doors, state of the art laser turrets and …

Actually, no, we don’t even own any physical servers, we rent them from a local company. Instead of Hollywood style security, we protect you with strong encryption. We choose to partner with a company here in Germany because it means your privacy is protected by the European General Data Protection Act (GDPR).
No need to worry, your passwords are still safe. Nobody can access your passwords, except you — even if that someone has your phone. Install the heylogin app on your new phone and follow the instructions to recover your account.
Honestly, there is no catch. We don’t collect private information about you to place ads or sell to the highest bidder. The bits of data that we do store are encrypted and can only be accessed by you. We are ethical hackers and believe everybody should be able to be safe online.

heylogin will always be free and we believe to have built something amazing. You are helping us, because we know a good product will be recommended to friends and family.

If you are passionate about online security, we have some awesome features coming up that we will offer on a monthly subscription basis. However, the core features will always remain free.
We are working on a white paper that we will make available soon.