Marvin Jahnke
November 14, 2022

Set up PayPal 2FA correctly and share as a team in 5 steps

We are often asked “How do we set up 2 factor Authentication for our PayPal account”, “can we share the account internally”. Both great questions! So why are we asked this? Because heylogin not only automatically fills in your PayPal password, it also automatically enters your 6 digit security code. We have also made team sharing easier than ever!

We'll walk you through setting up 2-factor verification in Paypal in 5 easy steps. And if you want to share your account with your team as well, we'll have a solution for you for that at the end too.

1.) Open the settings

In 3 clicks to the 2FA settings

a.) open your paypal account in desktop browser and click on the cogwheel icon

b.) next click on the "Security" tab

c.) now click on "Update" in the paragraph "Two-step verification”


If you already have an activation, for example because you used the SMS confirmation, go to step 2. If you are starting fresh, continue with step 3.

2.) Disable old method

Initialize the deactivation first...
… and then confirm

If you already have a method set, for example SMS verification or another authentication app, it must first be deactivated. To do this, you must:

a.) first click on "Deactivate" and

b.) then confirm the deactivation with another click.

3.) Verification method selection

Select which method you want to use.

a.) select "Use authentication app" from the options

b.) confirm with a click on "Set up".

4.) Save TOTP secret in heylogin

Our overlay simplifies the operation.

In this step, the secret needed to generate your PIN will be loaded into your Authenticator app.

a.) click "Add to login" on the overlay to add the secret to your Paypal login in heylogin.

2 easy ways you can complete the setup.

Now you have to confirm with the PIN. There are several ways to do this:

  • if you have added the login, the normal heylogin overlay (a) appears. You can use this as already known with one click


  • copy the current PIN with a click on "Copy" (b) and paste it with right click+paste or ctrl + v into the field at "c”

Then click on "Next" (d) to proceed to the last step of the setup.

5.) Finalize setup

One last click and it's done

The two-step verification for your Paypal account is set up. Click Done (a) to finalize the setup.

Use the Paypal account in the team.

The account is protected, now comes the best part. As a heylogin user you can easily share your paypal login with your team by following the steps below:

  • Create team
  • Invite team members
  • Add login to team by drag & drop
Sharing accounts was never that easy

Enhance your PayPal experience with heylogin today!