We care about your security

Stored with the utmost care

What makes our vault so special?

Lawful responsibility is ensured by the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Data minimization
We do not collect unnecessary data about you.

ISO 27001-certified information security management system of the data center

Made in Germany
No Amazon or Google Cloud. Company and infrastructure in Germany.

ISO 27001 certification

Why phone confirmation is secure

Phone instead of a master password

Secure chip in your phone

End-to-End Encryption
heylogin uses XSalsa20+Poly1305 and Curve25519, secure state of the art encryption algorithms.

Two-Factor Authentication
Smartphone & fingerprint or PIN

Secure browser logins

Replacing insecure password logins

Always protected
Your logins are secured and encrypted all the way to the website.

Login everywhere securely
The data exchange between your browser and your phone is secured by a key exchange protocol.

Single Sign-On experience
heylogin implements a Single Sign-On experience that works with all websites, without integration costs.

Protection against phishing
heylogin always shows you whether you log into a trusted website.

Dr. Dominik Schürmann<br />Founder, heylogin

Dr. Dominik Schürmann
Founder, heylogin

At the TU Braunschweig, I researched on how to establish an encrypted channel without having to trust a third party.

In studies with well over 1000 users, we analyzed how this can be implemented with minimal user interaction while still being easy to understand. Paired with modern cryptographic algorithms, these findings form the basis for heylogin.

Security researchers

We are working closely with security researchers and take reports of security vulnerabilities seriously. You can submit security vulnerabilities via security@heylogin.com. If your email includes sensitive information, please use the OpenPGP key 327E E095 BDC1 BD81 631C 8D82 2949 0F2D 481F 4E59.