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Are you a security consultant, phishing awareness trainer or working in the field of IT security and looking for a suitable login solution or password management for your customers? Then become a heylogin partner now and recommend our solution to others!

What is special about heylogin?

Developed and hosted in Germany, heylogin sets new standards for password managers. The focus on hardware security via smartphone or security key replaces the master password of other solutions and thus reduces the risk of password theft. Thanks to innovative 1-click overlay, our password manager offers the convenience of single sign-on, but without the cost.

Your advantage with heylogin

With heylogin, you offer your customers a German solution for IT security that has been developed with modern standards and data protection specifications. Data economy and end-to-end encryption guarantee optimal protection of your customers' data. With many features such as access authorisations, audit log and account preparation for onboarding, you give your customers the best security tools. Our German support is also there for you if you have any questions or problems.

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