SSO and password manager from Germany: heylogin & Bare.ID

German SSO provider Bare.ID expands the heylogin login experience

Bare.ID offers easy-to-implement, customisable identity and access management in the cloud with user-friendly single sign-on and integrated versatile multi-factor authentication. Together with Bare.ID, we can enable SSO-based login at any time.

Supports single sign-on logins
100 % Made in Germany & GDPR-konform
Established standards such as OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0 etc.
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Convenient single sign-on for all necessary connected applications

With Bare.ID's MFA-secured SSO, you can conveniently access all important applications with one click, without having to rely on traditional passwords.

For all websites without SSO there is heylogin
The SSO process already enables passwordless login for many websites, but we are going one step further. In collaboration with our partner Bare.ID, we are extending the SSO process using heylogin's ground-breaking technology, which covers more than 99% of all website logins. With us, you not only say goodbye to complicated passwords, but also experience a seamless and secure login revolution for an even wider range of websites.

In harmony for the future: Our collaboration with Bare.ID is based on the same goals and values in the password revolution

Bare.ID and heylogin not only share a common goal and vision of completely eliminating password entries, but we also set ourselves apart from other competing providers through our special care in handling personal data.