Data breach monitoring and password manager from Germany: heylogin & Identeco

German data breach monitoring provider Identeco expands heylogin's security portfolio

In co-operation with our partner Identeco, we offer you the opportunity to effectively secure the accounts of your employees and customers by comparing them with Identeco's comprehensive collection of compromised identity data.

Continuous search for stolen password records across the entire Internet
Regular status reports
100% GDPR-compliant and confidential handling
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Immediate threat analysis: targeted measures for at-risk employee accounts thanks to Identeco

Without technical integration and immediately available, you receive a customised situation report on the current threat situation. This allows you to identify directly threatened employee accounts and take action.

Act quickly: Change and protect compromised accounts and minimise risks with heylogin
With heylogin, your employees can easily change leaked accounts and recurring passwords and create new, secure passwords. Our platform offers a user-friendly solution to effectively increase the security of accounts and minimise potential risks.

United in a common vision: Our partnership with Identeco combines security goals and values for the future.

Identeco and heylogin not only share common goals and visions to make employee accounts more secure, but also stand out clearly from other competitors due to our utmost care in handling personal data.